Our People

Board Members

Eoghan O’Byrne (President)
Leigh Hancock (Vice President and Junior President)
Trevor Crover (Treasurer)
Ben Faulks
Damian O’Halloran
Tim Davis
Zak Davies

Admin & Management

General Manager – Trent Pollard
Secretary – Matt ‘Strawbs’ McGrory
Facilities and Operations Manager – Rich Holder
Record keeper – Graham Johnson
Apparel Manager – Nugget Bowden
Old Boys Captain – Tim McGrath
Nicholls Community Centre – Graham Johnson and Tim Power
Nicholls Facilities Maintenance – Pacific Facilities Maintenance


1st Grade Coach – Glenn Carey
1st Grade Assistant Coach – Peter Altona
2nd Grade Coach – Angus Stephenson
2nd Grade Assistant Coach – Tim Davis
Eagles Academy Coach – Stuart Crew
Colts Coach – Brendon Jakobasic
Colts Assistant Coach – Chris Grierson
3rd Grade Co-coach – Andrew Withers
4th Grade Co-coach – Nick Hutchison
Women’s Coach – TBC
Women’s Assistant Coach – Stuart Crew
S&C Coach – Colin Kelley
7’s & 10’s Coach – Peter Altona
Leadership Coach – David King
Player Welfare Officers – Rich Skinner & Dee Ilolahia

Team Managers

1st Grade Co-Manager – Matt ‘Strawbs’ McGrory
1st Grade Co-Manager – Tim Gavel
Premier Women’s Manager – Senga O’Byrne
2nd Grade Manager – Graham Johnson
Colts Manager – Nugget Bowden
3rd Grade Manager – TBC
4th Grade manager – TBC

Life Members

Frank Hegarty Craig Morton
Denis O’Shea Tim Power
Charlie Giles Jack McGrath
Graham Johnson Peter Johnson
Michael Kelly Glenn Davis
Peter Fox Des Fooks
Leigh Donnellan Tim Davis
Peter O’Neill Ray Reavely
Michael Jamieson Adam Gresham
Brendan McGee Matt Power
Terry Fox Leigh Hancock
Kim Hancock Glenn Carey
Phillip Johnstone Tim Hutchison
John Cullen Phil Griffin
Ian Freebody  

If you’d like to join our volunteer team, we’d love to hear from you! Contact Trent Pollard at pollard.trent(at)gmail.com