Rich Holder tackles major new role

Long-serving volunteer and club favourite Richard Holder is stepping up in a big way to drive the Eagles volunteer group forward.

With over 300 registered players in 2018, our need for a large and well-oiled volunteer team is growing, which is something Rich will be building as the newly appointed Chairman of the Eagles Senior Committee.

The role will involve a liaison and operations role which will provide stronger support and communication to all volunteers, from the coaching staff, to the medical team, scoreboard attendants, and casual weekend onion choppers.

As well as facilitating the monthly committee meetings, Rich is committed to helping volunteers feel more empowered to find a sense of ownership about the club.

Rich says “We’ve grown a lot and I was quite pleased to be asked to become the conduit between all of the different components of the club.”

“I’d like to work on bringing in new people who haven’t already got a specific role, people who want to be apart of the club who can do something if and when asked. We lean on existing volunteers a little too much, and many hands make light work.”

It’s important that we find out what people skill sets are and give them a role suited to it, or it can be something they’d like to learn or have an existing passion for – there is a role for anyone at the Eagles”

If you’re interested in joining the committee and being a part of a dynamic volunteer team, we’d love to hear from you! Email us for more information.

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