FAQs: Eagles return to training

The Gungahlin Eagles Seniors’ first training session will be on Tuesday 2nd June, Nicholls Enclosed Oval. Junior club information will be made available soon.

  • Red squad and Women’s from 6-7pm;
  • Black Squad from 7-8pm. You will have been notified if you’re in the black squad.

Here is everything you need to know.

Training Session Logistics

  • 1.5m social distancing at all times
  • Arrive 20 minutes prior to your session, and wait to be called into the ground. There are strict entrances and exits that will be signposted.
  • No congregations in the car park or within the Nicholls oval. 
  • You will be allocated a group with a team leader of no more than 20. You will turn up at the time specified, no later. If you are late, you will not be allowed in to train and will be sent away.
  • There will be 5 rotations of 8 min conditioning sessions. You will be directed to move onto or exit at 8 min intervals. No loitering will be permitted.
  • After completion of your last training rotation, you and your group need to leave immediately.

Do I have to be registered to train?

What should I bring to training?

  • Boots or runners,
  • Personal towel,
  • Full water bottle (Water will not be provided),
  • Come dressed ready to train – preferably in Eagles kit (access to facilities is strictly for bathroom use only)

Can I get strapped by the Eagles trainers?

  • Strapping services will be available for ankles/knees only where absolutely necessary. If you have medical advice for strapping, please bring it.
  • If you require strapping, you must pre-book with Richard Holder by Messenger, or text to 0412 227 376.  You will be given a time-slot and must attend at this time to be strapped.
  • Players must be clean, preferably showered, prior to strapping. 
  • Players will be sprayed with sanitiser or alcohol wipes on the body parts that require strapping.
  • For the health protection of Trainers and players, only one Trainer and player in the strapping room at any one time.
  • Medical staff will be on-hand to provide emergency first aid, no massage or treatments.
  • Strapping/change rooms will be open for pre-booked strapping and the use of the toilets only.

What rules do I need to follow once I arrive at Nicholls?

  • Enter via the main entry gate and exit via the sliding ambulance gate, avoiding cross-over as much as possible.
  • No socialising in groups. Get in, train and get out.
  • No physical contact. This means high fives, hand-shakes, bum-taps and group hugs.
  • Hand sanitiser station will be available on entry
  • Sanitising stations will be set-out on the field as required under the guidelines.
  • Equipment will be sanitized at the completion of the session by your hard-working volunteer staff.
  • Spectators, non-designated coaching, management or support staff, or family will not be allowed into the Nicholls Enclosed Oval.
  • We recommend you download the COVIDSAFE APP. This will allow your club mates who come in contact with the virus to be notified.

What should I do if I have any symptoms of Covid-19?

  • Do not attend training if you are feeling ill, or have symptoms of cold or flu
  • Seek medical attention and advise your Coach

Is there anything else I can do to make our return to rugby more probable?

  • Don’t do anything outside of the return to train/play framework that may jeopardise our chances of rugby recommencing.  One indiscretion, especially anything that results in a positive Coronavirus case, could impact the whole season for everyone.

What can I expect in the actual training session?

  • A $#!% load of conditioning and ball work for the first two weeks.

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