Eagles announce additional club captain

The Eagles are delighted to announce the first-ever female club captain in our 52-year history.

Co-club captains Mitch Ward and Chris Grierson now have a third player representative in Julia Paterson, who was selected based on her enthusiasm for the club, ability to foster a great culture within her team, and ambition to grow the women’s game.

Julia takes the ball up against the ViQueens

Club President, Eoghan O’Byrne, says it was an easy appointment to make and has been welcomed with open arms.

“We’ve seen tremendous growth within our women’s rugby side both on and off the pitch, and it’s clear to see why. There are some tremendous leaders within the group and both their results and team cohesion are a true reflection of that”

“Julia is a tremendous advocate for the club, and is someone that we truly believe walks and talks the club values; respect, passion, discipline, and loyalty”

“We decided not to wait for the new season to make the appointment, as there is no better time than now to act after agreeing Julia would be a perfect addition to the player leadership group,” O’Byrne said.

Within a week of her appointment, Julia has already shown her eagerness to progress the club.

“I’m thrilled that the club has created a female club captain role, and I’m honoured to be selected as a representative of the club”

“I am really looking forward to seeing the club grow even stronger, and I especially want to see even more connection between the different rugby programs. I’ll certainly be encouraging the women’s team to get more involved in club activities and supporting the other grades.

“The club has been so inclusive and supportive this year! We really appreciate the other grades support at our games and advice at training. We have a (almost) completely new group of positive, strong, amazing women that are ready to smash it as we get closer to the end of the year!”

The 2019 Kiama 7s Women’s team

Mitch Ward and Chris Grierson say Julia will be the perfect fit to take on this role

“With the club growing year on year, it’s really important we showcase our diversity and that it’s represented from a leadership standpoint,” Chris said.

“The women’s program has come such a long way with the season they’re having, and for those players and volunteers to now be properly represented is such a bonus, and we know Julia will be a big help in organsing events and rallying players,” Mitch said.

Join us in congratulating Julia on her appointment and wishing her good luck for the future.

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