Special Edition: Academy Wrap-up

Players Fielded:

  • Connor Rous
  • Moses Faaola
  • Nathanael Mooney
  • Ryan Grocott
  • Paul Faaola
  • Laura Cameron
  • Zeke Melmoth
  • Titan Sega
  • Moses Poreo
  • Aisea Taupeamuhu
  • Melvin Posetta
  • Lachlan Tindale

Grades Represented

  • Brumbies U19 Academy Trial
  • 2nd Grade
  • Colts
  • Women’s Xs


  • 2nd Grade 26-23 W
  • Colts 30-12 W
  • Women’s 32-5 L


Here it is ladies and gents, a special edition of the Academy Wrap Up. Why is it special? Well, where do I begin?

Firstly, it was the first week that all members of this Cohort have been fielded since the Academy’s inception! Then, last week saw some of our participants involved in 3 days of rugby. We took on Wests on Saturday, Uni Norths mid-week, and then there was a trial for the U19 Brumbies Academy.

There is a lot for me to cover off on this week and the Colts bore the brunt of the activity for us. A champion team is often defined by how they bounce back from adversity, and the difference in the West’s game and the Uni Norths couldn’t have been more stark.

Against West’s, Nathanael Mooney and Titan Sega both crossed the try line and in the Uni Norths game, it was all about Melvin Posetta. The big fella notched up a hattrick and Mooney added another to his tally as well.

Second Grade saw another mixed bag with a win and a loss. Moses Faaola and Connor Rous pairing up in the backline again in both games. Mo had a strong game mid-week dotting the ball down and kicking well for goal, while Rous was everywhere during open play in both run-outs.

Second grade now sits solidly in third spot on the ladder and are building well into the finals. Our ladies were back in action against West’s as well, with Laura Cameron putting in another solid performance. Yet again proving it’s not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the

Laura made some great breaks and was a physical presence every time she got the ball. Although the scoreboard looked one-sided, it was a case that West’s took advantage of every Eagles mistake rather than working their own tries. The ladies sit third on the ladder and are also coming home with a wet sail. Watch this space.

During the West’s game, we did have 2 players take the field and both lads put in solid performances. This experience is really showing as the season progresses as the guys make better decisions on the field and get a taste for the environment. I can’t wait to see what the next few weeks bring.

On Saturday 8 of our lads were invited to a trial for the U19 Brumbies Academy. They were also joined by Pouli Taufui taking the clubs contribution to 9. Over 2 25min halves our guys took to the field in freezing conditions.

Every man who took to the field did the club proud and played well. In the wider squad Nathanael Mooney, Melvin Posetta, Titan Sega, Connor Rous, Moses Poreo, Ryan Grocott and Pouli Taufui have all been successful and began training on Monday. Both Aisea Taupeamuhu and Lachie Tindale played well and are now firmly on the coaching staffs radar, a few solid performances in coming weeks could see them get the nod as well.

Stuart Crew
Gungahlin Eagles U20 Academy Coach

P.s. Here’s a thought… in 2022 can name the academy, Stuart’s crew?

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