Round 6 Academy Wrap Up

Players Fielded

  • Connor Rous
  • Lockie Tindale
  • Melvin Posetta
  • Moses Faaola
  • Nathanael Mooney
  • Aisea Taupeamuhu
  • Ryan Grocott
  • Paul Faaola

Players Unavailable

  • Laura Cameron – Injured
  • Zeke Melmoth – Injured
  • Moses Poreo – Injured
  • Titan Sega – Injured

Grades Represented

  • 1st Grade
  • 2nd Grade
  • Colts


  • 1st Grade 45-31 W
  • 2nd Grade 38-19 W
  • Colts 29-17 W


Another successful week out on the track for the U20 Academy as the Eagles ran rampant out at Jamison Oval, knocking over Wests in all Grades. While we still have a handful of players on the injury list, and we are expecting to have a few more back and playing shortly, we ended up having a huge presence across colts, 2nds and 1st grade. A total of 40 points were amassed by our members with Moses Faaola single handily a crewing 16!   

The Colts continued their dominance of the competition and 5 of the lads did their part. The back line saw Ryan Grocott in fine attacking form, Lockie Tindale and Izzy Taupeamuhu also made their presence known. The forwards saw Nathanael Mooney and Melvin Posetta continued their strong running and Paul Faaola was a constant menace over the ball at 6 this week.

Moses Faaola had a blinding performance in Seconds this week as he starts to find his confidence and place amongst the team. Later in the game he was joined by Lockie Tindale, Melvin Posetta and Nathanael Mooney, all of whom added their weight.

First grade was a game to remember, and our very own Connor Rous continued to marshal the forwards from Halfback. It quickly turned into a game of milestones for the guys as Connor ran a great support line and went in under the posts. He was later joined on the field by Melvin, Nathanael and Izzy crossed the touch line to don the black Jersey for the first time.

As the guys continue to work on their individual skills, we prepare to go down to Phillip to meet Royals who are having varied success over the different grades. Next week should prove to be an exciting encounter as we are likely to see Zeke Melmoth and Titan Sega returning. While on the injury front, both Moses Poreo and Laura Cameron are recovering well but still a while away.

Until next week then.

Stuart Crew

Gungahlin Eagles U20 Academy Coach

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