No spectators for Eagles round 1 John I Dent Cup clash

Round 1 has got the green light and we’re pumped for our Eagles to hit the field after two preseason blocks full of unknowns.

One piece of disappointing news, however, is that each venue has a limit on attendees. This weekend at Jamison Oval, that limit is 100 attendees including all players, coaches, managers, and medical crew.

The live stream can be found here on the John I Dent Cup Facebook page:

Spectators won’t be allowed into the venue – this includes life members, sponsors, family members, friends, supporters, and old boys.

While 4s, 3s, Cs, and 2s are playing, there will be another team warming up at the same time. Taking into account all players (in a game, on the bench, and warming up), coaches, managers, and medical personnel, the venue will run at capacity all day.

^ Our Old Boys and supporters will have to wait until restrictions are eased to come and watch their Eagles play

We acknowledge that the ACTRU (alongside the ACT Government) are doing everything in their power to make rugby happen. Whilst we’re disappointed that we can’t all be there to cheer each other on, all of our players and supporters alike will be cheering in spirit.

We ask the entire Eagles family to do their bit in keeping Canberra COVID-19 free for the safety of not just our members, but our entire community. This way, we’ll all be back at the footy together soon.

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